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Integrated Management System Policy

Quality, Environment, Energy, Safety and Health at Work and Road Safety –

AUTOCARS PRATS SERRAT, as a leading company in road passenger transport in Segarra and Anoia counties, defines the Policy of the Integrated Management System in Quality, Environment, Energy, Safety and Health at Work and Safety Road like:

  1. Transmit our Integrated Management System policy to all stakeholders and our environment.
  2. Disseminate at all levels of our structure the objectives and criteria of the Integrated Management System established.
  3. Clearly understand the explicit and implicit requirements, requirements and expectations of our customers and stakeholders.
  4. Develop our organization consistently to provide the right response to the current and future market situation from the austerity that the current situation requires.
  5. Comply with the different requirements applicable and/or legal in the areas of quality, environment, safety and health, road safety and energy efficiency and any other requirements determined by AUTOCARS PRATS SERRAT.
  6. Maintain and evaluate the indicators of the system according to the needs of management and monitoring the level of progress of the same, so that it allows us to know and ensure the service and quality assurance required by our customers and evaluate our environment, energy and security.
  7. Plan and execute more sustainable processes that allow us to protect the environment, reduce the environmental impact of our activity and assess in advance, the environmental impact of new activities or services.
  8. Gradually renew the fleet with more ergonomic vehicles, which produce less environmental impact, which are equipped with the safety measures we consider necessary and which allow us to optimize energy consumption and reduce the probability of accidents.
  9. Promote the acquisition of products, tools and machinery of maximum energy efficiency and safety according to existing technology, reliable and affordable at the time.
  10. Minimize pollutant emissions and waste production to conserve resources, as well as prevent accidental emissions of substances or energy.
  11. Develop continuing education programs appropriate to the needs of our internal and external customers, as well as information on the environmental, energy, occupational safety and health and road safety aspects in relation to transport.
  12. Promote and consolidate the interactive nature of the entire organizational structure.
  13. Promote the use of own resources over external resources.
  14. Consolidate the process of continuous improvement in the elaboration of all the activities carried out in our company, making safe, efficient and profitable work systems.
  15. Encourage and achieve the stimulating and motivating environment of all members of the company and a sense of responsibility in relation to quality, environment and safety.
  16. Achieve maximum safety and health protection for our staff, customers, vehicles and facilities during our service.
  17. Work for gender mainstreaming in the company’s actions and services as well as spreading zero tolerance in harassing behaviors.
  18. Achieve maximum safety and physical and psychosocial health for our staff, as well as for other stakeholders.

AUTOCARS PRATS SERRAT works with the commitment to eliminate the dangers and reduce the risks, taking into account the opinion and participation of our workers and any other interested party in the process.

Torà, February 3, 2021 – Ramon PRATS SERRAT

Commitment to our Suppliers

AUTOCARS PRATS SERRAT is aware that excellence in service is achieved through the quality and guarantee of the suppliers we have, but we must also have the environmental and safety commitment in them.

So, in order to this, we do the following:

  1. We work every day in the incorporation of sustainable development policies in relations with our suppliers.
  2. We have maintained the Quality Management Systems (ISO 9001: 2015) and the Environment (ISO 14001: 2015) since 2008. We registered according to the EMAS III Regulation in 2019 and we are in the certification phase in Safety and health at work (ISO 45001: 2018) for 2021.

In order to ensure the right choice of our suppliers, we carry out the continuous evaluation of the same.

That is why AUTOCARS PRATS SERRAT has some criteria to evaluate the product or raw material, the service provided and the fulfillment of the delivery deadlines according to the following score:

Compliance with deadlinesExcellent: between 9 and 10 pointsVery good: between 5 and 8 pointsTo improve: less than 5 points
Q-P relationExcellent: between 9 and 10 pointsCorrect: between 5 and 8 pointsTo improve: less than 5 points
Incident resolutionNo incidents: between 9 and 10 pointsSome annual incidence: between 5 and 8 pointsVarious monthly incidents: less than 5 points
Customer serviceExcellent: between 9 and 10 pointsVery good – good: between 5 and 8 pointsTo improve: less than 5 points
They are closeThey are close (<15 km): between 9 and 10 pointsThey are from the area (Segarra / Anoia region): between 5 and 8 pointsOutside the county area and adjacent: less than 5 points
ISO commitmentThey have 3 or more certifications: between 9 and 10 pointsThey have 1 or 2 certification/s: between 5 and 8 pointsWithout any certification: less than 5 points

All suppliers who are interested in knowing their annual evaluation, can request it by e-mail to info@autocarspratsserrat.com